The Most Durable Siding – What Is It?

by admin on April 4, 2011

Having durable siding can help your home stand up to huge rain storms, blizzards, high speed winds and hail. The right siding can fend of the elements and protect your home. The right type of siding also will keep your home insulated during the winter months and lower your bills.

So what type of siding is the most durable? Which one stands up to the elements the best?

Aluminum siding, while made of metal, dents easily and is not very durable. Vinyl siding is somewhat durable but can crack and break when under extreme conditions. When it comes to being the most durable type of siding, cement fiber siding is the best choice.

Cement fiber siding is made from thousands of fiber that are woven together to set up a cement like protective barrier around your home. This siding can hold up against hail, snow rain and extreme heat as well or even better then the other siding types.

While this siding does cost more then other types of siding, it lasts much longer. The lifespan of cement fiber siding is over 5 years greater then other types of siding. This will lead to decrease the amount of times you have to replace the siding on your home. Thus decreasing costs overall.

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